How to get more business real estate in Oklahoma | Social media marketing

Are you tired of the old-school way of finding new clients scrolling through your phonebook and calling all your friends and family until they don't like you anymore well that may work but it's not the most effective use of your time? I'm Brian Mullins CEO and owner of Rose Rock Realty. Today we're gonna talk about three ideas to use a digital profile to increase your sales increase your business in real estate.

Number one,

use your existing Facebook profile. Yes, it's good to have a Facebook business page so you can post content exclusively on there but why not use your existing Facebook profile you probably already have hundreds of friends. If you go and create a new business profile you're gonna have to have an uphill battle trying to get people to like your page, use your existing page, make it about real estate change your cover photo to make sure everybody knows that you're in real estate you're already gonna capture the attention of your friends and family who are your most likely clients and most likely people to refer you.

Number two,

Don't just post about real estate. Yes you've got your facebook profile or your business profile supplies to both but people who are following you don't just want to see that you're at an open house or that you've listed a new house so if you sold a house it sounds like you're Tooting your horn that, you're arrogant. What you need to do is you need to be real, be you, post engaging content that people want to see you've got a kid, post about the kid, you got a chicken post about the chicken. Whatever it is that is enticing about you talk about it all you're doing is you're keeping yourself at the top of your customer potential customers online that's the goal with social media not necessarily to sell them the particular listing that you have for the open house that you're at the goal is to create engaging content so you keep people coming back watching you the algorithms will see that. You'll actually push you up higher in the rankings if you're creating engaging content or you can use content that's created by others like we create content at Rose Rock Realty that you can you like and share on your page that's not just about real estate there's other stuff that you can talk about and that is the ultimate goal whenever you're doing a social media page.

Number three,

Use video, you may hear that you need to write a blog with long content or you need to post some funny memes those may work but the truth is right now video is where it's at whenever you open up your Facebook feed you can't swipe more than two or three times down lets you find some video that auto-plays. To reach your customers create some engaging content it's gotta be engaging from the very beginning because they're scrolling through when they're gonna see your video and you gotta catch their attention in that first 5 or 10 seconds whenever those going through and this goes back to number 2 don't just create real estate content create real content about yourself about your life make it engaging whenever you're on video and talking to your potential customers and that's how you're gonna get referrals and that's how you're gonna grow your real estate business and those were my three tips on how to increase your business using social media and digital marketing strategies that are all completely free don't cost you a dime all you need is a cell phone, consistency and dedication if you're ready to get started or to make a change in real estate call us here at Rose Rock Realty where you'll become the CEO of your own business thanks and have a good day.

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