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Welcome to the Rose Rock Realty Blog! I hope to provide you useful content over the years on this blog, but for today, let’s start off with an introduction to Rose Rock Realty and the Rose Rock difference.  

Rose Rock Realty was founded by myself (Brian) and my beautiful wife, Sara.  We were born just two months apart in Cleveland county (fun fact, I was the last baby born in the old Moore Hospital, now Moore Public Schools HQ).  We both went to the beautiful University of Central Oklahoma, I studied finance and real estate, while Sara studied music education.  I went on to get my Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma City University.  I am forever a student, but I reached the end of my academic career when my only step up was a Ph.D. (that’s my retirement goal).  

After school, Sara fell in love with libraries and is now famous “Ms. Sara” in the children's department at the SW OKC Public Library (you should go to the grocery store with her).  I, on the other hand, found an awesome job being a Real Estate Project Manager and Financial Analyst.  I had a ton of fun managing properties and learning as much as I could for the five years I was there, which I left to start Rose Rock Realty.

Our real estate journey started when we separately bought homes before we were married.  We loved our little starter homes, in the process of preparing to turn Sara’s into a rental for after we were married the May 2013 tornado hit, destroying her house.  It was devastating!  But, it also meant that we didn’t have our first investment property.  

So about a year later, we started to get the itch to find a new investment property.  We started searching and bought our first investment property, a duplex in Norman.  It was so fulfilling providing a home to great people.  Our principal was to treat our tenants the way we would want to be treated.  With this philosophy, we have great business relationships with our tenants, our first set of tenants is still with us to this day in a different unit.  This became an addiction, we ended up buying three more units, for a total of five today.

The rentals led to the desire to start touching more people by bringing the same level of service to the great homeowners and future homeowners of Oklahoma.  In 2016 we starting launching a real estate career.  We explored the possibility of joining a large franchise real estate firm but decided that to provide the level of service we would expect that we needed our own company.  So, Rose Rock Realty was born!

We would love to show you the Rose Rock difference, please contact us by phone, email, text, snail mail, carrier pigeon, or whatever your preferred method of communication.

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